We’ve been working on this thing for 6 months!

With 1000+ surfaces, it was an insane task! We are still fine tuning but there’s a beautiful new layout, more intuitive searching, and load time is super-fast. Find the easy-to-use worksheet on every page or call/test/email and we’ll get back right away.

Surface Workshop began in 2012 as part of Prop Workshop and is now 4 flights down on the 10th floor. We’re a consignor-based team of finders and makers with years of experience in our complicated industry.

Our showroom (we have 2 spaces on one floor) is open Monday – Friday 8:30 – 6 and on Saturdays by appointment. If at all possible, visit in person. We’re very hands-on: you can move things around, get clarity, help, ideas. We don’t deliver, but can recommend messengers.

If there’s something you need but don’t see, ask. We might have it or can help you find it. We also do custom work.

All rentals are by the week. We offer 20% off on all orders (above 300) shot at the studio at Prop Workshop: Workshop Studio.

Check our insta: @surfaceworkshopnyc

And stay in touch,

Leslie, Lloyd, Don, Joe & Uri

Owners: Leslie Siegel & Lloyd Handwerker

Manager: Don Purple

Bookkeeper: Joe White: surfaceworkshopbilling@gmail.com

Web Design: Uri Charles

Landing and About Page Photos: Leslie